Children’s Day – There is always a child in you!

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Children’s Day – There is always a child in you!

What comes to your mind when we talk about the children or the childhood?

The innocence, the mischiefs, the games, the fights or you just go and look in the mirror¦? What do you do? Do you miss being the little kid who could play, jump, sing out loud or dance in the rain??? Most of us do this. Most of us miss being a kid. This Children’s Day, let’s celebrate the long lost childhood. We think that we have grown up and now, there is no scope for the same old craziness. We start minding our actions and this slowly sneaks in our behaviour as the time passes. We suggest you to let yourself go off the edge this 14th. This might sound impractical, but it would bring back the liveliness in your soul which you left under the folds of time. Every year on the 14th of November, all of us recall the same day when we were given candies in the school, the extra curriculum activities, the games and hell lot of things which we now miss.

This Children’s Day, let the child inside you, come out! Let that kid breathe this 14th. There is so much that you can do for yourself. Do what you used to like in your childhood. For instance, drawing, enjoying swings, running, dancing or eating chocolates. Do whatever you once were scolded for. Â Distribute some children’s day gifts among all the kids living in your family and neighbourhood, this would make you relish that old gone smile and sparkle in eyes again. A Relive those moments by doing things that you now miss being an adult.

Buy yourself an amusement park ticket. Go crazy. Ride the swings which you were once scared of which used to send chills down your spine. Shout your lungs out while riding. Feel refreshed afterwards. Try gun shots and see how many balloons you can still burst. Bet on the teddy bear with a friend. See who wins. Celebrate the win with a candy ice cream.

Draw. We all used to love drawing. Colouring. Sketch pens, crayons, water colours and so many more things which used to bring out our creative side. The drawing book used to be our favourite in the bag. Get your hands on some crayons, pencil, eraser and a plane sheet of paper. See if you can still draw that beautiful.

Ring a neighbour’s doorbell and run. This was one of the best mischief that all of us must have done in our childhood. Let’s do it again. It was so much fun then, and it would be fun even now. It is annoying for your neighbour, but, it is Children’s Day! Ring the doorbell of the apartment in the same corridor as yours and run! Do not forget to open your door before.

Steal a flower from someone’s garden. We used to steal the roses for our favourite teacher every morning. Do it now, for yourself. Pluck a flower and run away before the gardener finds you.

Make faces at someone. Every kid does it. You can do it too. Someone at your office (not your boss; for safety reasons) or in the neighbourhood or anyone in the bus or metro. Make your eye contact with that person and suddenly, make an ugly face at him. See how he/she gets astonished at your behaviour.

Let them think whatever! Be happy! Be childish!

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