7 Best Stand Up Comedians in India

How have you spent a majority of your time this year? Come on, be honest. You have literally let a year pass by as you snooped on celeb Instagram profiles and then took breaks to watch funny videos.

If you haven’t missed the most humorous acts of the year by the best comedians in India, I want to high-five you in person. But if you have, go through this list of the year’s best stand-up acts available on Amazon Prime. You can thank me later for making your week bright and happy.

Here’s a list of the top 7 stand-up comedians in India who are ruling the Amazon Prime and minds by their whimsical quick wit and high spirits.

1. Kenny Sebastian’s Comic Timing



Kenny Sebastian is a multi-talented hunk who works as a full-time standup comedian, a part-time musician and a side filmmaker who has created or assisted in the production of 12 short films, two motion movies, and a comedy serial too.

Having an amazing range of cool fan followers he gifted the sketches to his subscribers and is an immensely popular character on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. He is one of those Indian comedians who also adds some music to his comic timing. 


2. Biswa Kalyan Rath ‘Mast Aadmi’



Biswa Kalyan Rath‘s raw humor about everyday things will just make you pop out of your sofas laughing and at times pondering too. Biswas, one of the best comedians in India is being loved by literally every human on Earth and is a mind-blowing stand-up comedian by himself, and also added grace to Pretentious Movie Reviews. You’d be lying if you said you haven’t watched all of his videos already. He also got featured on 9gag for his unquestionable truth about introverts.


3.  Kanan Gill’s Keep It Real



Kanan Gill is the other amazing half of Pretentious Movie Reviews, a well-known stand-up comedian as well. This eye-candy has been winning hearts on and off screens on Snapchat through humor. Do yourself a favor and follow this funny Indian comedian already! With his razor-sharp wit, Kanan is one of the most popular sketch makers in the country. The Mumbai-based comedian has performed over 1000 shows around the world and his recent comedy special, Keep It Real, was applauded with rave reviews. He made his Bollywood debut with the 2017 release, Noor.


4.  Daniel Fernandes’s Mindful Punches



Another Mumbai-based stand-up comedian who has a dark sense of humor and usually talks greatly about social issues in India or mostly those that affect our country. A double mention to Daniel, as he is really really good with his acts. His humor is message oriented and you not only laugh hard, but also go home with a new perspective on things. He chiefly addresses some serious issues in the society but it’s his humorous take on all these nasty things happening around the world that make him stand alone from the other Stand-up guys.


5.  Amit Tandon’s Hinglish Humor



Amit Tandon is a renowned face in the comedy world who once belonged to the corporate world. People adore him for his relatable Hinglish jokes on life, marriage, kids, and everything else. One of the best things about him is that his jokes are well structured, clean and thought through. On his wife not laughing at his jokes he said, “You know, when she doesn’t laugh at my jokes is when I get really confident about my gigs because somehow they definitely work!” His ‘Indian Middle-Class Symbol’ is a must watch, and a perfect one to relate to.


6. Varun Thakur’s Vicky This Side, Varun That Side



Vicky Malhotra is a Snapchat sensation, but creator Varun Thakur uses this special to remind his fans that he doesn’t need characters to show off his comedy chops – the two-segment show has enough of over-the-top Vicky Malhotra to tide fans over, but it’s really the original material that Varun brings to the table that makes this Indian comedian so special.


8. Zakir Khan ‘Sakht Launda’



Talking about the absolute best in the business, Zakir Khan is known for his emotional connection with the audience as well as excellent comic timing. He believes that comedy isn’t just about the joke, rather about a funny man saying things and if you look at his videos, you’ll second that thought. Zakir loves playing Sitar. Besides being one of the best comedians in India, he likes singing and composing songs as well. He not only performs in India but also other countries. So, it is no issue if you are outside India. Just keep checking Amazon Prime updates for his shows. Our ‘sakht launda’ is an international comedian now.

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